13 April 2015

Episode 5 - Scooped!

Hello to you, fine listener!

Episode 5 of our little podcast (which is actually getting longer as we talk more and more) is now available for your listening pleasure!


We have the usual run-down of Newb News for you, with a wee exclusive from the Battlefront sheds on Flames of War. That's all in Act 1.

In Act 2, we get into some of the local scene news and a run-down of what happened at our last club meeting. Some good laughs to be had there, mostly at my expense, as always!

Act 3 is a Bolt Action report. Details of how the game plays, our perceptions on the balance of the game and where it fits into our gaming hierarchy. 

And across all that, we have Mike actually talking in the 'cast, so we have his expert views.

What an episode! What a podcast! Amazing!

- Greg

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