09 March 2016

Mike's Marines (Part 2: Beachhead List)

with Mike

“Beachhead” - 1500 points
Its no secret that I’m a narrative player first and foremost, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to find out that my 1500-point list follows the story of my Beach Assault one. The assault has gone a bit sideways and is stalled on the beach. Heavy casualties have reduced my rifle strength and the light machine-guns and assault specialists have been hit particularly hard. Still the men have scrounged up some additional BARs to increase their platoon firepower.

Marine Rifle Company (Beachhead)
Marine Rifle HQ
Marine Rifle Platoon with BAR (2/3 strength)
Marine Rifle Platoon with BAR (2/3 strength)
Assault Section (1/2 strength)
Company Machine-gun Platoon (with 2x M1919 LMG)
Mortar Platoon (2x 81mm)
Anti-tank Platoon (2x 37mm guns)
Light Tank Platoon (1x M3 Stuart)

They expect the inevitable Japanese counterattack and have braced themselves with some M3 37mm guns to serve either anti-tank or anti-infantry depending on what hits them. These guns are a pretty must-buy in my opinion. With ROF 3, AT4 and FP4+, these guns will not only keep Japanese tanks at bay, they fill an essential infantry gun role thanks to their gun shield and the all-new Canister shot ability. Canister is basically a massive 37mm shotgun round, giving the gun a short-range (8”/20cm), high ROF (4) volley. Furthermore it doesn’t loose ROF on the move, instead incurring a +1 to hit penalty. This all stacks up to make the 37mm gun (in all its forms, including Stuarts and LVT 37mm Amtanks) unbelievably essential in the Pacific Theatre of Operations.

Finally to round out their desperate defence, the men receive warmly welcome support from a single M3 Stuart. This beautiful tank is amazing for all the same reasons as the 37mm anti-tank gun above with the addition of front armor 3 and Light Tank mobility. Front armor of 3 may not seem like much but when you consider most AT coming back at you is in the 5-6 range, it’s actually a pretty solid number.

With their defences prepared as best as circumstances allow, the Marines are ready to push back the incoming Japanese assault and hold the beachhead open!

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