11 November 2017

List Building from Stripes - Greg's Marine Tank Company

I haven't really built a new list for Team Yankee since I got my West Germans painted up and ready to go so with the introduction of Stripes to the fray, I've found myself drawn into wanting to build Marines and especially a Marine Tank Company. While I appreciate the power of the M1 Abrams, I really do have a soft spot for the venerable M60 Patton. It's a damned fine tank!

So, taking a look at how my 80 point list would be fleshed out, here's where we start. I'm taking a Marine Tank Company, so I need a Tank Company HQ. Here I have the option of 1-2 M60 Patton tanks for 4 points each. I don't tend to take a second tank here, so it's an easy choice.

I have to take 2 Marine Tank Platoons, so I'm gonna make sure they're maxxed out. 5 Pattons in each costing me 20 points per platoon. Remember that the Marines have the M60A1 so it's slightly worse than the Army M60A3. Armour is the same, as are the guns. I don't get Laser Rangefinders but I do have the benefit of Accurate.

Those are my compulsory choices sorted, so now adding to the core formation, I'm first going to be adding my HMMWV Scout Section for 2 points. This gets me 3 Humvees with Scout and Spearhead to advance my deployment where possible. Because the Scout Section also has the HMMWV-TOW in there, there is also the potential that they can mess with my enemy's armour as well. Definitely a benefit in my eyes!

And if adding the HMMWV Scouts was a no-brainer, then getting the HMMWV-TOW Anti-Tank Squad is even easier! 2 points for 2 TOW-Armed Hummers to really start messing with anything coming close is a great buy for your money!

Rounding out my core forces, I need some boots on the ground to defend the objectives and hold on should the need arise. For this, I'm taking a Marine Rifle Platoon. I'm taking the smaller version which sets me back 6 points for 6 SAW/LAW teams and 2 AAVP7 transports for them. I'm also adding 2 Dragon teams here just in case we need to really defend against an armoured assault on our positions. I would also then exchange 2 of the SAW/LAW teams for M60 GPMG to guard against infantry assaults and also 2 SMAW teams, as extra insurance!

And now on to support options.

Ummm, hello! Harriers anyone?! I have to take 4 of these bad boys and at only 6 points for the 4, the fact they arrive on a 3+ and cluster bombs, I'm in heaven! The 30mm Aden gun has AT 7 and FP 5+ to take our both APC and other soft skin targets as well but can also shoot down enemy choppers if needed.

So I now need clear skies to make sure my Harriers can get through unmolested. My AA of choice here is the M48 Chaparral. I'm take 4 of these to protect my formation from the air which costs me 8 points. They can hit anything on the table and their 3+ firepower should pretty much guarantee some kills.

Rounding out my list, I'm taking 3 M109's and a HMMWV OP for 8 points in total. Artillery can be an absolute game changer in the right circumstances and without the benefit of mortars here, this is the best option for me.

All up, you're looking at an 80 point list which I think is pretty well rounded and covers most bases. The key here is making sure your M60's survive. They have less armour than the Abrams so you need to make sure you're making use of cover, use your TOW's to eliminate threats and get them into the enemy's face!

I have a couple of options for expanding this list to 100 points if needed. I can either add another platoon of 5 Pattons for 20 points (more hulls = more fun!) or I can look to add a HMMWV Cavalry Troop, an option I'm quite keen on exploring.

For 19 points, I get 6 Scout Sections each consisting of a HMMWV-M2, a HMMWV-MK19 and 2 HMMWV-TOW. The HQ adds 2 more HMMWV-M2 which would give me a total of:

8 x HMMWV-M2
6 x HMMWV-MK19 and

Surely I'm not the only person for which that sounds incredibly appealing???

There we have it team, I've already taken steps to make this happen by pre-ordering the Ryan's Leathernecks starter box from Battlefront.

It's a good starter but I'm definitely going to be needing more Pattons and Hummers!

In my next article, I'll take a look at a build for the 82nd pulling on some recent discussions I've seen around helo troops.

Until then....


  1. "I'm also adding 2 Dragon teams here just in case we need to really defend against an armoured assault on our positions."
    I cannot tell by this statement or not, but do you realize that the Dragon has a minimum range of 8" and therefore is unable to fire in Defensive Fire.

  2. Yeah, I often forget about that actually, given its such a good weapon. Oh well, the SMAW teams should be able to do the job just as well.

  3. What is the front armour on the M60?