16 April 2018

Armoured Fist - Kingforce and the 40th (The King's) RTR

Things have been slightly busy at the BEL HQ, mostly with power cuts and other going's on, but time for us to get back on track. We promised you Churchills, so here they are....with an extra treat as well!

The North Irish Horse

To field the mighty Churchill, you're taking it as part of the 78th 'Battleaxe' Division at Longstop Hill.

You'll need to take a Churchill III Armoured Squadron HQ initially. This has a number of options for you to consider:

- 1 x Churchill III with its 6 pdr and 2 x Churchill CS with both a 2 pdr and 3" in the hull position.
- 1 x Churchill III and 1 x Churchill CS
- Either 3, 2 or 1 Churchill III tanks.

The Churchill CS is a great option here giving you both some direct fire AT on the heavily armoured chassis, as well as the 3" gun providing you an additional artillery option to dig infantry from their foxholes.

For your Platoon choices, you have a compulsory selection of a Churchill III Armoured Troop. This can consist of either 2 or 3 Churchill tanks.

Your second compulsory choice can then be either another Churchill Troop or you can take a Sherman Troop along side them.

You can then either take another Churchill or Sherman option as well as slots for 2 more Churchill Troops. Rounding out your Formation selections, there is also the option for a Rifle Platoon which we'll cover in another article.

Dan is especially looking forward to getting a game in with these monsters as he's had a Kingforce list built for a while. Keep an eye on the Behind Enemy Lines YouTube!

40th (The King's) RTR

Fielding the nimble and well-armed Valentine tanks, the 40th (The King's) RTR gives you these in spades!

Your Formation HQ is going to have 3 Valentine II tanks armed with 2 pdr AT guns at your disposal. These do struggle to get infantry out of foxholes as they have no HE, but this can be made up for elsewhere! You will have the benefit of the excellent armour protection the Valentine provides though.

You'll then need to take a minimum of 2 (up to a max of 4) Valentine Armoured Troops which can either be equipped with:

- 3 x Valentine II tanks, or
- 2 x Valentine II and 1 x Valentine VIII armed with the long barrelled 6pdr.

I must say, I like the idea of getting some Valentines built and on the table. They a pretty good all-around tank despite their short-comings and with the right support choices, they can really cause Jerry some problems!

Next up, we'll start looking at the infantry, but until then....

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