03 March 2015

Episode 2 is live!

Hello there BEL fans! As most of you may be aware, episode 2 of the newest podcast in the wwpd.net stable is now live for you listening pleasure! 

In this episode, Dan and I talk about a few things. Act 1 is all about the N00b News as always. We update you on interesting things we've seen happening in the gaming world.

Act 2 sees (hears?) us talk about whats been happening in the New Zealand scene. We've a bit of a run-down on Battlecry and also the disgusting showing I had in my games at TCOW (www.tcownz.blogspot.co.nz), you dont want to miss that!

Act 3 gets a little more philosophical and serious...well, as much as we can. We talk about the 4 different types of gamer or gaming hangouts and their pros and cons. We also start to delve a little into gamer ADHD, something we know all to well.

As always, we'd love to hear your feedback so please drop us a line through one of our channels!

- Greg

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