08 March 2015

Episode 3: Coming Up!

We've just finished this week's TCOW meeting, so that means that we'll be hitting the recording "studio" this week to record episode 3 of Behind Enemy Lines for your listening pleasure!

So, what do we have planned this week?

N00b News, as always, will be covering the latest information that we can find around the internet. New products, Kickstarter info and rumours that we've been listening to.

From there, we're going to do a bit of a Battlefront special. This week, JP has given us a HEAP of info about what BF have planned for 2015 on the Flames of War and Flames of Other Things front. We'll talk all about them and see how far our excitement goes!

In keeping with this theme, we talk exclusively to James Brown of Battlefront Studios about his new Colours of War painting system and new colour palette. A great chance to get the lowdown on whats new here!

So make sure you tune in to episode 3. Keep an eye on wwpd.net and watch this space!

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