13 August 2015

Wargames Terrain on Social Media

Drop pod.... brilliant!
Hey all! Welcome back for another Awesome Sauce Thursday!

I'm really into building terrain. My only hobby regret is not having a workshop to build large projects.... one day.... For now I've got a quick post about terrain groups in social media. We touched on this briefly  in Episode 13 of the Behind Enemy Lies Podcast, but its something that I wanted to highlight here.

I want to put the spotlight on three groups, but there are so many more. These three are great sources of information, tutorials, and general inspiration, and what's more, they are community driven. This means that there are a lot of different things for a lot of different skill levels. I highly recommend joining them!

Also, our friends over at Garage Gamers have some excellent tutorials relating to last week's Tutorial Tuesday, so go have a look!

Flames Of War Terrain (but useful for all modern-ish 15mm scales)

Terrain Building

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