18 August 2015

Wash, Inc.

So, this week I decided to work on my Flames of War Vietcong figures, and there's a lot of them to do! With about 100 figures basecoated all of the various colors, I applied a wash. Now, I've been on a bit of a painting hiatus for a while, which didn't help. I forgot probably everything I've ever learned about washes and just globbed the stuff on. I am now the proud owner of some terribly dark and essentially messed up Vietcong figures... Not all hope is lost as its really not that bad, but there is now a lot more work ahead of me!

So for this week, I'm sharing a few videos on using washes. These are great, especially Dr Faust's one below. I certainly (re)learned a thing or two about how washes work and what they do (and more importantly what they don't do!)

Paint Basics: How to Wash

Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic
The Basics: Inks & Washes

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