26 May 2016

HIT THE BEACH!!!! Dan's 1500 Marines Ready to Rumble

Well I've finally finished and I'm going to play a game against Greg on the weekend. But first let's point out this beast and show you the pretty pictures.

HQ 2 x LVT(A)1 (37mm)   - 190pts

3 x LVT(A)1 (37mm)  - 285pts

3 x LVT(A)1 (37mm)  - 285pts

3 x LVT(A)4 (75mm)  - 205pts

Marine Rifle Platoon 3 x Rifle Squads with 2 LVT(4) Amtrac - 275pts

Marine Rocket Launcher Battery 3 x 4.5in Mk 7 with 5 crew - 105pts

Air Support Limited F4U Corsair - 150pts

So here we are ready to take the fight back to the Japanese this weekend wish me luck.

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