03 May 2016

So....many.....infantry! Greg's Hohei WIP

with Greg

I knew that I should have baggsed the Marines when I had the chance! Who knew that painting a predominantly infantry force would mean painting so many individual infantry models?!

In all seriousness though, this one has been a real challenge for me. Typically I start something (refer to my EW Kradschutzen over on Painted Madness) and then move on to the next shiny thing in the painting queue. This time I really had to stick with it and get it done so we could get some games in and show you guys how we've fared!

So, here we go then...

This is the big one that I wanted to see through to the end. Two full Hohei platoons, painted, based and ready to go! All told, we're looking at roughly 100 individual minis! I have a huge respect for anyone crazy enough to have done a Strelk platoon now!

What this means now is that I can start moving on to my support options. I've already started this and have finished my Type 92 infantry guns.

These guys are really gonna cause some trouble for the Marines I think!

They're AT3 and FP3+ in direct fire which is great news and because they're Japanese, they get the benefit of the Fire Burst special rule meaning that they don't suffer the +1 to hit penalty for only having 2 guns!

And all for the measly sum of 85 points (including 15 for the observer) at Fearless Veteran!

And of course, I really couldn't help myself and started some of my tank support...

Yay! Te-Ke!

And Chi-Ha!

So there you have it! That's where I'm up to! Over the next week or so, I'll finish my support options which is my Hohei weapons platoon, a few more tanks and....MY ZERO/FRANK!

If you're interested in how I painted my Japanese infantry, I did a wee video as well. Its on YouTube and everything!

Thanks for reading!

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