10 October 2016

Review: Alpha City Buildings from Battle Kiwi

- with Greg

And in the last of our reviews of the stuff the good dudes at Battle Kiwi sent us, we take a look at a couple of pieces from their Alpha City range of Sci-Fi 28mm terrain. We've got the Alpha 1-R building and a Disposal Unit on the table to take as look at.

The Alpha City range has a combination of laser cut MDF and acrylic parts which is very easy to put together and get on to your gaming table in a short time. All the pieces have a similar look and feel to them and I reckon they'd be perfect for the likes of Necromunda, TNT and Infinity.

I started with the Alpha 1-R building.

One thing they tell you to do in the instructions, which are pretty damned good I might add, is to dry fit everything before hand and I wholly support this action! Nothing worse than getting your glue on there only to realise that you have to make some slight adjustments!

In saying that, the Alpha 1-R (which has the staircase on the right) is a dream to put together. You'll need a little force to get the walls in place but this thing is sturdy as hell so will take the punishment! Its very intuitive in the way that it fits together so even n00bs like me cant mess this one up!

Here's the finished product...

The coloured acrylic insets in the windows and doors really make this stand out...and they're not just for decoration! There is a heap of roof space for you to get your minis on as well.

Oh yeah, and you see that little widget off to the right. You get that in the pack as well! And what's it for, I can already hear you asking. Well, remember those coloured insets...

Yep! IT LIGHTS UP!!! How freaking sweet is that?!! There are 3 settings on the light. White, red and flashing red. Awesome!

The last kit is the Disposal Unit. This is a smaller kit, but by no means less awesome. Again, dry fitting here is a must to make sure everything is square and lines up.

A great little addition to any table and this is going to provide you some sweet, sweet cover. Oh, and of course its functional!

So these are just a couple of kits from Battlekiwi's Alpha City range. They have a number of them with which to get your Sci-Fi terrain collection under way.

Prices range from NZ$9.99 up to NZ$32.99 but you can also go for the Alpha City Bundle for NZ$99.99 - NZ$111.00 (depending on the options you take) which will net you 4 buildings and a bridge set as well. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me! Just click the link below and you'll be taken straight to Alpha City!

So there you have it crew. Battlekiwi may be new to the market, but they're committed to providing you some great quality and brilliant looking terrain. Check them out, would you?!

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