04 October 2016

Behind Enemy Lines - Episode 28

- with The Team

And after a wee hiatus, we're back! Episode 28 is a little shorter than you're used to but to be fair, we were trying to come to grips with a bit of bad news.

So jump on over to the WWPD and have a listen to Ep 28....

If you dare!


  1. Hi guys,
    I'm listening through the back catalog of podcasts from the beginning of the year and am enjoying thing so far (apart from those times all the random backchat makes things inaudible).
    As some of you know it's been a while since I was about in the Flames of War scene and am wondering if I can get your thoughts on a few things as I consider dipping my toes back into the dark and mirky waters.
    What's going on with the Late War? Where are BF up to? Are Comets worth putting on the table?
    What's going on with Mid War? Has anything changed there at all? Is the desert still the best balanced set of matchups in FoW?
    What's going on with Early War? Did they ever really "fix" British Armoured Squadrons (in a way that doesn't leave my beloved Crusaders broken beyond belief)?
    And what about Commandos, are they still a viable set of lists in the current "meta" and have they changed much since Market-Garden (which was the last time I was playing the game).
    Thanks for the podcast, love what you do!
    "Admiral" Jason CJ Farley

  2. Hey Jason, quite a number of questions there so hopefully I can get them answered.

    LW: Berlin has been the latest new release for LW if you dont count the Bulge compliation. Comets are pretty good but they're pricey as a result. I think they're an awesome tank personally.

    MW: Nothing has changed here but the latest WWPD Why We Fight podcast has an interview with Pete Simunovich in which he lays out some plans BF have for MW.

    EW: Not too sure what to tell you here as EW isnt really my jam.

    In terms of current "meta", we're seeing a lot of lists with JagdTigers and Volkssturm as well as a few differing things.

    All in all, I think this is one of the best times to re-enter FoW. Plastic kit production is on the up and up and the detail is amazing. This, of course, makes new armies a lot more cost friendly.

    Hope that helps and hope we see you at a table soon.