04 November 2016

Behind Enemy Lines YouTube

-with the Team

We've been a little busy over on the old YouTube channel of late with some new content being uploaded for you guys to take a squizz at. Hopefully it can help you with decisions you're needing to make on new toys or just give you a bit of a laugh.

Dan unboxes Genestealers!

Yes, even though we rag on good old GW all the time, they do make some pretty nifty kits. Dan got a hold of some of the new Genestealer Hybrids to have some fun with.

Greg unboxes Grim!

Kickstarters do come true!!! Grim has arrived and Greg takes a look at whats in the box....ENTER IF YOU DARE!

Dan and the Grens

Bolt Action time! Dan got some new plastic Grenadiers to have a look at and give away! (Contest may be over at the time of reading)

Greg der Deutsche

Greg's taken the plunge into 15mm Team Yankee with the West Germans. Here, he looks at the Kampfgruppe Muller boxed starter.


I'll just leave this here.....

So if you're not subscribe to our channel, what are you waiting for?!


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