14 November 2016

Team Yankee - Leopard

- with Greg

Deciding to head into a new game can sometimes be a daunting prospect, especially within smaller gaming groups. While there are a heap of TY 6mm players within my group of players, not as many are playing the 15mm version from Battlefront. I myself was pretty reluctant at first....until I saw the models for the West Germans!

They are a serious piece of equipment, let me tell you!

So, I've invested in a Kampfgruppe Muller starter box and of course, I needed a copy of Leopard itself to get started.

The first expansion volume for Team Yankee, Leopard comes in at a very reasonable 49 pages full of background for the Bundeswehr and its evolution from the Wehrmacht of WWII as well as some "history" information for Panzer Division 1.

Leopard allows you to field a number of different companies in the West German army. As well as the Panzer Kompanie, you have the option of a Panzergrenadier Kompanie and a Panzeraufklarungs Kompanie as well as divisional support for them all.

The Panzer Kompanie is just that. Tanks! Namely, the mighty Leopard 2! This thing is a serious beat on the table. They're gonna set you back 22 points for a pair but they're FA 18 and hit on a 4-up. The monstrous 120mm gun is going to make Ivan's day just bad....really bad!

Your Panzergrenadier Kompanie builds from the mounted assaults of the Panzergrens of WWII but instead of Hanomags, they're mounted in the new Marder transports. A full PzGren Zug will run you 7 points netting you 3 MG3 teams, 2 Milan teams and 3 Marders...BUT...you can decide to forego a Milan team from the game and just mount the Milan on your Marder! AWESOME!

And finally the Panzeraufklarungs Kompanie. These guys get the 8-wheeled Luchs armoured cars to scout ahead and harass the enemy and can be backed up by the older, but still reliable Leopard 1 tank.

You also have the option of taking the Fuchs Panzeraufklarungs Zug to give you some feet on the ground. You'll be buying 3 MG3 teams and a Milan team with 3 Fuchs transports for your 4 points and again you have the option of mounting a Milan on one of the Fuchs for some fast AT 21 action!

Support options are awesome as well. You have all your bases covered here so no reason to want for anything really!

Artillery is it? Well sure! You can have either the awesome power of the M109G SP Artillery, the M113 Panzermorser Mortar carriers or the awesome rocket salvos of the Lars Raketenwerfer. All options allow you to lay down covering smoke for the German advance or dig some pesky Soviet infantry out of their holes.

(My personal fave....the Raketenwerfer! Who doesn't want Raketenwerf their opponent?!)

3 x M109G for 7 points. 155mm howitzers for big bada-boom!

Option of either 3 or 6 M113's for 3 points per 3. Great for mobile smoke.

Option for 2 or 4 LARS for 3 points per pair. SALVO time!! Also the option for Minelets!

Now, tanks are always gonna get harassed by aircraft. Its just how it is. So the best thing to do is get a heap of awesome looking AA tanks! And the Germans have that in spades! You can have the serious dual-power of the Gepard or the dedicated AA capability of the Roland or for on the ground protection, a Fliegerfaust gruppe.

Gepards! 5 points per pair and 5 shots per Gepard! Pew pew!!!

My mate Roland. AA missiles please, just 3 points a pair!

Now, if you want to do some sneaky tank hunting without spending a heap of points on tanks themselves, then you probably wanna take a look at the Jaguar 2. This thing is a great asset on the table. You're paying 3 points for a pair, or 5 for 3 and they mount an improvised TOW missile with AT 21 and FP3+. You cant shoot them on the move, but they make for a great ambush weapon!

And finally we take to the skies. You have both fast movers in the Tornado and the tank hunting PAH chopper.

The Tornado gives you some SALVO firepower in the bomblet dispenser as well as the ability to protect itself with an anti-helicopter autocannon.

The PAH Anti-tank helicopter is just that. It has the AT23 TOW missiles coupled with the Hunter-Killer special rule. Pop up, kill tank, hide. 

So there you have it. If you're not interested in the Americans or Soviets, why not give the West Germans a look. They have some amazing weapons at their disposal and just look super-cool on table!

Thanks for reading!

- All images, copyright Battlefront Miniatures.

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