20 January 2017

Review: Kreative Scenery's Low Adobe Walls

- with Greg

So what goes well with a Large Adobe House? Adobe Walls, that's what! 

Now you already get a few with your large house, but if you're anything like me and quite enjoy hiding your infantry behind bulletproof cover then you're going to want some more walls. So, Kreative Scenery have your infantry cover needs....well....covered....!

Your new adobe wall set gives you four long straight sections and four small straight sections which you can use in a heap of different ways and combinations.

And you can use as many or as few as you like to get some really good looking linear obstacles for your 15mm battlefields.

And you know what, they'll even hide your big cats if you want them to!

Once again, we've been set the painted versions of the walls and the detail and paint job really is great! I've taken a couple of close-ups here just so you can see the detail.

Pricing on these bad boys for all out international mates, in $US, is going to be $US18.50 for the painted versions (just like the ones above) or if you want to paint your own, then the set will be $US12.95. Shipping is additional but pretty damned reasonable. Kiwi buyers, just hit up your friendly Trade Me store to get the sharp $NZD pricing! 

Dan and I also recently trialled the Low Stone Walls in our recent Batrep over on the BEL YouTube so why not head on over and check that out...

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