01 February 2017

Kompetition Time!

If you've listened to Episode 32 of the podcast, available on the WWPD podcast feed, you'll know that we're giving something away! YAY!!

Unfortunately, its a model for DUST but you could totally use it for Konflikt '47!

So here it is, Damo's KV-47K Light Tesla Walker! (The picture isnt the actual one you'll get, its still in its box and its only primed, but you get the idea).

All you have to do to win is answer the following question in the comments on this post:

What is Damo's pick for all-time worst game that he's played?

B. Age of Sigmar
C. Tiddlywinks

We couldnt really make it any easier, right?

So get your answers in. The competition will close on the 20th of February and we'll make a draw from there!

Good luck......I guess?


  1. B. Age of Sigmar (even if he has a 100% win rate)

    (You could also use this mech as a large robot on This Is Not A Test)

  2. Uncle damo hates age of sigmar most

  3. B. Age Of Sigmar... could use another SSU Walker to collect more dust...