28 March 2017

Project ACW Update - 28 March

What's that Johnny Reb? You ain't heard a peep from us Yankees in a while? Well, allow me to indulge you.

While a lot of our time of late here at Behind Enemy Lines HQ has been focused on our Flames of War V4 coverage and reviews, I've been studiously churning through the mountain of plastic and lead which makes up my 28mm ACW Union force and actually managing to get a couple of units finished off.

It looks like we've settled on 24 man units for our games and I understand that's reasonably standard for Black Powder so by that rationale I've got 2 full units based and ready to go.

I like the look of having two flags in the unit, especially when they're massing! All my models are painted in reasonably generic Union uniform. I hadn't planned on replicating any specific historical units at this stage to its seas of blue for me at the moment.

The models are mainly Perry plastics but there are also a number of (possibly) Peter Pig models thrown in as well for some variety. I do have a bunch of Dixon miniatures which I'm planning on using as I go.

And because man cannot survive painting infantry alone, I treated myself to a couple of cavalry models and a General for some painting variety...although in saying that, it's still seas of blue!

Again, the plastic cavalry are Perry plastics and the General is metal, also from Perry.

And lastly, what 19th century ACW would be complete without a cabin...

So there you have it. Definitely making progress but still a ways away from getting a full force ready for a game. Good things come to those who wait....

On the table at the moment, I'm testing my scheme for the Zouaves so hopefully the next update will see a couple of bases of those colourful gents ready for show!

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  1. Good work! This is definitely a long term project for Black Powder. My group has spent the last several years painting and collecting in order to put on games. Great fun and worth the effort!