04 April 2017

Auckland Grand Slam!

We here at Behind Enemy Lines take great delight in looking at articles about tournament from all over the world, regardless of the system or country! Gaming a great no matter what! So we thought we'd share a little bit of went on down here in little old New Zealand over the weekend!

The inaugural instalment of Auckland's newest multi-system event was officially opened at the Onehunga RSA this weekend just gone. The systems that were being included this year were:

- Warmachine/Hordes (Saturday and Sunday)
- Guildball (Sunday)
- Infinity (Saturday and Sunday)
- Bolt Action (Saturday and Sunday)
- Blood Bowl (Sunday)

A wide range of systems attracting all kinds of gamers...

I managed to sneak away from domestic duty on the Sunday to play some Blood Bowl and take some action snaps and Dan played Bolt Action on the Saturday. Here's a look at some of the action from the event:

The Battle Kiwi Table!

The Bolt Action event on Sunday was a BIG GAME affair focusing on units from both sides of the conflict during Operation: Market Garden.

The Reserves Bench

Hail to The King, baby!

I still love the look of Guildball and eventually I'll get into it....

But, Blood Bowl was my game for the day!

I took my Orc team, called Da Grorcz, which today would include Varag Ghoul-Chewer himself! Unfortunately, Da Boyz went 0-3 but managed a massive 10 casualties earning me the Most Violet Player title....again!

Our winner on the day was Daryl and his Dark Elves.

Selby won the coveted Artisan prize for Best Painted with his seriously good looking Humans (as seen above).

And here again...

So while our events are somewhat smaller than some that we see from over the world, they're a heap of fun!

Massive ups to the organising crew, Nikola, Dave, Dave, Dan and others who helped out on the day, as well as the BRILLIANT sponsors, Mighty Ape! Legends all!

Cant wait for next year! 

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