18 April 2017

Back to the Man-cave*

* with no disrespect intended to our non-male readers.

A long weekend is perfect time to get some gaming in but what do you do when your club isn't open??

You head around to someone else's place for a game! And that's what I did on Easter Monday. Dave from our club (and Mighty Ape legend) opened his doors for a gamer to come in and took the chance. I haven't played any Bolt Action in a while so decided to break out 1250 points of Yanks to take on Dave's Winter Germans.

So with the table set, we rolled up a mission which would be Top Secret. The German intelligence officer sat wounded in the middle of the table. The Americans want to take his back for interrogation and the German's just need him back....

With the objective in the centre, there was a definite plan from both sides to rush the centre and leave units on flanks in support.

The German units were making great use of the terrain to cover their advance.

 While rushing up the sides seemed to suit the Yanks. Of course, the Nebelwerfer hiding in the back had other ideas...

Despite needing 6's to hit, the damn thing werfed:

My 2nd Lt
My Medic
Pretty much 2 whole US Squads, and
My Sniper

And then, rubbing more salt into the wounds, his Hanomag rolls around, out pops a Flammenwerfer team and Flammened my Greyhound!

And then! He runs a heap of Panzerfausts at my Sherman after his Hetzer couldn't do the business....

So, with my force practically decimated all that was left was for Dave's Medic to walk the intel officer off the back edge.

And here's a couple more photos for posterity....

A bloody good game! We had some time left to kill after that, so Dave walked me through an intro game of Guildball as well. I've been meaning to play this for a while so was glad to finally get a go!

We used the teams from the Kick Off starter box, I took control of the Masons and Dave had the Brewers.

His bloody cat scored a goal on me...

It's a really cool game and has a lot of strategic thinking that is slightly lacking in Blood Bowl, which is awesome! I'd say I'll be adding this to the collection!

Massive thanks to Dave for having me over! Gaming certainly rocks, no matter how its done!

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