24 June 2017

Friday Night Games

Friday nights are the perfect chance for the guys to get together and get some gaming in so we decided to just that last night! Initially, the Nooblair had been slated for the events, but unfortunately sick little person put the kibosh on that...so off to Dan's we went!

And with all the hype, why the hell wouldn't we play some 8th Ed 40k?!

You'll have to exclude the unpainted models, we are working our way through them, honest!

So we played a couple of games. In the first, Monkey and I played The Relic. About 1,000 points each side. 

My list was Primaris Space Marines:

HQ -  Captain in Gravis Armour
HQ - Primaris Lieutenant
HQ - Primaris Lieutenant
Troop - Intercessor Squad
Troop - Intercessor Squad
Troop - Intercessor Squad
Heavy - Hellblaster Squad
Heavy - Hellblaster Squad
Elite - Primaris Ancient

Monkey took his DKK:

Lord Commissar
Company Commander
Infantry Squad x 2
MT Scions x 2
Command Squad
Special Weapons Squad 
Master of Ordinance
Platoon Commander
Heavy Weapons Squad
Leman Russ w/ Vanquisher
Basilisk x 2

Lots of stuff on table for the Marines to shoot at!

This is how the game ended. The itty-bitty remote controlled Rhino is the Relic we were after and as my Ancient was the closest, I secured a minor victory.

Monkey and I are teaming up for GuardCon in September and these are the forces we'll have matched as a team! Should be a hoot!

Then Dan and I had a rematch with his Tyranids coming at me...

Having played this army before, I know what I need to do. Kill as much of it before it gets to me as possible! 

The Sons of Guilliman await the Xenos onslaught...

This one was a bloody affair.

At the end of the game, I had 2 marines left and Dan had 6 Genestealers, his Broodlord, 4 Hormogaunts and 3 Biovores left.

So there you have it, Friday night gaming....40k style.

I've had 6 games of the new edition now and GW definitely have a winner here...as long as they don't do something to seriously mess it up!

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