11 June 2017

NICon 2017!

- with Greg

NICon (North Island Convention) has been a stalwart on the New Zealand gaming calendar for many years, typically hosting a wide array of events in different systems. I've never myself attended one....until this year!

I played in the last hurrah V3 Mid-War tournament. This was 2 single day events, with the Saturday being North Africa and Sunday being Eastern Front. 1450 points per day. I took a couple of borrowed armies (thanks Monkey) with the American Armoured Rifles getting a run on the Saturday (they went 0-3) and some German Grenadiers on the Sunday (they went 2-1).

All in all, this was a very well run weekend across all systems from what it seemed. As well as Flames of War there was:

- Warhammer 40k
- Age of Sigmar
- Warhammer 9th Age
- Malifaux, and
- FoG (N)

And now, to the photo dump....

Flames of War

Age of Sigmar

FoG (N)

Warhammer 40k, Ninth Age and Malifaux

A fantastic weekend of gaming, that's for sure! Thanks to all those who helped arrange games and the event! Top notch!

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