11 September 2017

Greg's Fighting First

Since we first got wind of the Yanks heading to the desert, I knew that I'd probably end up wanting to field an American force for Mid War. I already have a reasonable Late War collection for the Americans, so it really is a natural choice, right?

With the addition of the new plastic kits for the likes of the M3 Lee and M4 Sherman to the Battlefront range, it's also become even easier and cheaper for me to do that! As long as I can get them into the country....

So, I've gone an made a 100 point list and hopefully, I'll get the models in soon and can start getting some paint on them. Here's what I'm planning:

The M3 Lee is one of my favourite tanks of the war. A real workhorse with some pretty serious firepower if you upgrade to the long 75mm gun, the same as on the mighty Sherman.

I have to take 2 compulsory units in the Company and the Lee and Sherman platoons cover this requirement. Adding the additional Lee platoon is an added bonus and give me more hulls on the ground. Chances are most German players will go chasing the Shermans in the first instance, allowing my Lee's to really come into their own.

I've also upgraded the Lee HQ to have the long 75mm guns for a bit of extra firepower.

In support, I'm taking units in need in a holding capacity. My Rifle platoon and the support of the 37mm Anti Tank guns should be able to hold on to objectives and keep anything that comes their way at bay.

I've also included a battery of 105's and an OP Stuart to spot for them. At the moment, artillery is filling a massive role in Flames of War both as a means of digging out infantry in fox holes and in a counter-battery role. Buying them in a battery of 4 is cheaper than buying 3 Priests but you do lose in the mobility stakes.

I've avoided Armoured Recon and AAA as well as planes for now mostly for simplicity. The definitely play a role in force selection but I believe this list can do pretty well without them.

I'm pretty curious to hear other people's thoughts though.

Now, I just have to head on over and get some of the new kits ordered. Watch this space!


  1. looks like a nice soft fun list there greggles. swap out the Rifles + 37s for a short Armored Rifle platoon. Zooks can kill anything in the game and you get more mobility, more MGs, more teams overall. One big unit that drop VP or test for LMS easy.

  2. I looked at that as well but then getting my 105's in there would have been trickier.