02 October 2017

Fighting First - Command Cards

One of the new additions to Flames of War as part of the V4 releases have been the Command Cards. This deck of cards, specific to the forces, allows you to expand your force beyond those in the book as well as adding some of the more interesting aspects of each nation, such as the effects of Warriors or specialised equipment.

Fighting First is no exception here and along with the book release, the Fighting First Command Cards are out there now! 36 extra cards with which to expand your 'Muricans!

So, of course, to save some time, I'm not going to dig into all the cards but I am going to have a look at a select few that have grabbed my attention. 

Andrew over at Battlefront has already taken a look at a few and you can read his article here: Andrew's Command Cards as well as being able to download the Command Cards for free!

Retraction: Apologies for the confusion here guys, I misread "Command Card Rules" as "Command Cards". - GL

Palm of Victory

You may have already seen my article on the force I'm planning to build for North Africa which is based around the awesome M3 Lee. This card just makes your Formation Commander that little bit better!

So, for 2 points you get to add 1 to the ROF of your Main Gun while staying still as well as an additional +1 to your squirrel gun as well! It does mean you give up some mobility if you're wanting to use it but I reckon if you can get yourself into a key firing position and then make use of this, it's worth it!


Now, I didn't play Flames of War in V1 but I'm told that being able to get control of your opponent's air power was quite a lot of fun!

While there is the potential of this happening here, it also grants you the opportunity to re-roll your planes showing up which could be pretty useful if it becomes a key strategic call on having them show up.

What's the worst that could happen.....

It Shall Be Done

This one is a little more pricey but it's likely a big change in survivability for your tanks. The unit can have a max of 3 tanks but you're going to improve both their Skill and the score need to hit by your opposition, taking it from an 80% change to hit down to a 50% chance.

So, adding this to a unit of 3 Lee's puts them to 21 points (24 if you give them the long 75mm) but they'll likely stick around longer as a result.

Commando Kelly

We have to take a look at one of the Warrior cards, surely! One of my favourites (mostly because of his exploits, which are now legendary) is Commando Kelly. You have to have a Rifle Platoon in your formation to add this one but if you do, you can pick a team in the unit EACH shooting step to re-roll ALL failed To Hit rolls! That's massive!

Add to that that the unit is super-Fearless as well and it could mean the difference between victory and defeat!

So there's some examples of what you can see in the Fighting First Command Cards deck! If you manage to get a few of these used in your MW games, let us know! We're keen to hear about them!


  1. No download of the command cards available at the above links

  2. Thanks Allen, I've updated the article to reflect my error.