14 April 2016

Dan's Marines WIP

With Dan

I was lucky enough to bags the Marines going into the Pacific project and I can tell you it has been a lot of fun experimenting to get the colours just right. A couple of days ago I finished the Marine Rifle Platoon for my Amphibious Tank Company.

I went for a sand camo on most of the helmets and used colours which can be found in the below video. Overall I had a lot of fun painting these guys they're great sculpts with a lot of character.

Now me being me I couldn't help but overdo it and if there's one thing I really like it's a painting challenge. I chipped the Marines landing craft and then went to town with the AK Interactive products and in the end I was very happy with the results.

Now while it was fun to paint the support options first I couldn't neglect the Meat & Potatoes part of the project and that's the new LVT (A) 1 & 4. For these I used my silly putty technique (not mine but you get my drift) The best part about this is the excitement I get from removing the silly putty from the miniature to reveal the hard edged camouflage underneath.

My little painting guide for the LVT 4 -A:

There's still a bit more work to do and right now it's mostly crewmen and details like tracks and metal colours but in about a week or so most of this should be ready to hit the beach.

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