11 April 2016

Night at the PTO Museum

with Mike

Over the Easter holiday, I took the family to the museum. I've been to the museum dozens of times, and each time I find something new I hadn't noticed before, or sometimes I see something in a new light, such as the museum's PTO collection! The Auckland War Memorial museum has an interesting collection of Japanese items.

A captured Type 94 37mm anti-tank gun

I find views from behind the gunshield helpful for picking out which bits should be gun metal and which  areas are painted.

This A6M3 Zero has a pretty interesting history. It was damaged in the closing days of the war. It was refurbished as a Kamikaze aircraft and scheduled to fly it's final mission but the war ended. The aircraft was then captured and shipped to NZ for evaluations. It only flew once as it was highly unreliable. 

Few artifacts puts things into perspective than a Japanese military map of your country!

I also dug up these photos that I took during my trip down to Panzerschreck last year.  

Between these museum visits, and watching Greg's and Damo's Japanses forces coming together, I'm really getting impatient about painting my own SNLF. I'll get there soon enough, but I want it all, now!

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