21 September 2016

Review - Battle Kiwi's Bolt Action Goodies

- with Greg

As I said on Monday, we were lucky enough to get a number of Battle Kiwi's range of laser cut wood and acrylic products through to look at and test in anger. While I haven't had a chance to play a game of Bolt Action v2.0 as yet (soon to be rectified, I might add) the time would seem ripe to have a look at Battle Kiwi's Bolt Action v2.0 template and their Bullet Pin Markers.

Let's start with the new template. As you may or may not be aware, the latest edition of Bolt Action has introduced templates for artillery weapons such as mortars and howitzers instead of just assuming that all the troops in a squad are hit or a tank is hit without the troops around it feeling the effects. Battle Kiwi jumped on this one pretty quick and have created a template which integrates the 2", 3" and 4" diameter circles needed in BA. They also give you the option of having them separated if that's more your thing, great customer thinking there.

You'll also see that there are inlays for compass directions and scatter as well, which is a great addition to help with the pesky problems of artillery not being on target. Our copy is in clear acrylic but they also do a red tinted version for those who little a little more BLOOD!!! The template is going to set you back a mere NZ$10.99 which is pretty cheap!

Next up we'll take a gander at the Bullet Pin Markers. I've always struggled using dice or chips as pin markers in Bolt Action and wanted something cool to represent the fire my troops are taking, which lets face it is usually a lot. Cover is for wimps!

The bullet pin markers are really cool! They're big enough that you notice them but they're not obtrusive to the battlefield which is awesome! The come red tinted, as they should, representing fire on your troops and you get 20 of them in a pack. 20 of these bad boys should definitely be enough in a 1,000 point standard game of Bolt Action I'm thinking but if you're wanting more, they're only NZ$12.00 a pack!

Here's an "action" shot...

I'll be getting some use out of these this weekend hopefully, so watch this space!

Remember, head on over to www.battlekiwi.com and check their goodies out! If you're in New Zealand, they're doing free shipping at the time of writing so why wouldn't you take advantage of that?!

We'll have another review of some more Battle Kiwi goodies in a few days...

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