27 September 2016

Review: Battle Kiwi's Cobbled Roads

-with Greg

"Where we're going, we don't need....roads." - Dr. Emmett Brown

Well Doc, while that may be true for you and Marty, wargamers need roads and Battle Kiwi has just what we're after!

Battle Kiwi has sent us a selection of what they have to offer in terms of road sections and other bits to make them look not so straight. These are laser-cut 3mm MDF and are really sturdy and just look great! I've laid them out with a few of the curved and junction sections which you can also get to give you and idea of what you can expect.

A heap of different combinations you can make here. 

The straight sections come in either 12" or 6" lengths to make things a little easier on table dimensions and the curves come in easy or hard versions depending on what direction you're wanting your road to go in.

For junctions you can get either X, T or Y junctions (with the X and T being pictured above).

I did take a photo of a couple of my Bolt Action tanks on them as well.

This, of course, was before we got to use them in anger at TCOW on the weekend! These look AMAZING on a table full of terrain.

Prices are pretty straight forward, so jump on to www.battlekiwi.com to check them out! They've also done a wee change to some pricing for Australian customers for smaller items, making it a bit cheaper for our mates (and my brethren) across the ditch!

In the last review coming up, I'll have some of the Alpha City terrain to build and show off, so keep your eyes peeled and focused here!

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