19 September 2016

Review - Battle Kiwi's Dice Tray Deluxe

- with Greg

Now there's no point in avoiding the topic but getting stuff through to review is pretty cool! But, what makes it even cooler is when it's a local company trying to get a start in a pretty big market and their products are of such great quality that you just want to jump in and get a whole heap more. It's pretty damned exciting, I can tell you that! 

Battle Kiwi are a small outfit in New Plymouth, New Zealand who specialise in laser cut terrain, tokens, bases, movement trays and other assorted goodies for your gaming table. But dont let their size fool you! The quality and awesomeness of their stuff is right up there with the big boys and because they're gamers themselves, you know they're wanting it all done right. They've sent us a care package with a few different bits and bobs for us to have a look at and review for you. The first one I've chosen is the Dice Tray Deluxe, and for good reason....

Packed away in this neat little baggie is a thing of awesomeness! You'll need some jigsaw puzzle skills and some PVA or other such adhesive to put it together, but that's a pretty easy thing these days. Opening the bag, I'm greeted by that laser-etched and cut smell. So nice! The kit has six parts in total, including the battle bar to seperate dice rolls for games such as Frostgrave or Infinity.

Oh yeah, did I mention that the guys at Battle Kiwi personalised it for us?!! How sweet is that?! And yes, if you order one you can also have it personalised as well. For you Infinity players, they also have a faction logo selection already built in. The inner of the tray is a soft, suede type of material which is a great addition and really adds to the look and feel here. The koru-style motif on the outside is typically Kiwi as well, which is a great touch. If you wanted to get really tricksy, I'm sure you could paint this and have it even more personalised.

Putting the tray together is easy as easy can be and takes all of about 15 minutes allowing for the glue to start setting a little so things dont start falling away. I'd allow 24 hours of setting time before you really start using this in anger though.

And here with the battle bar installed. You'll note this isnt slotted in all the way. It actually does go right the way down, but my glue hadnt set when I was taking the pics. Once set, it settles in very nicely and if you're not using it, there is a slot at the front to pop it in so you dont lose it.

And how does it work....

Yep, a pretty standard dice roll...

All in all, this is a great product and one that I'll be taking to events and gaming days with me from now on! It's an awesome talking point on the table and just looks great!

The pricing here ranges from NZD$29.99 (about USD$21.00 at the time of writing) with the standard Battle Kiwi logo up to NZD$34.99 (USD$25.00) with either an Infinity faction logo or a custom logo. If you're in NZ, the guys are doing FREE SHIPPING at the moment but will also ship internationally as well, so check their website out for their rates. I believe that it's flat rate shipping so it pays to order more! Click their logo below to head to their website.

We'll be reviewing their latest additions for Bolt Action in the next couple of days, so keep an eye here for that one!

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  1. Sweet looking tray n00b lockton! i look forward to rolling more ones in it than you