11 June 2015

Awesome Sauce Thursday II: Hit the Beach!

Part I: Normandy

June 6 marked the anniversary of the greates amphibious invasion ever attempted: Operation Overlord. This week for Awesome Sauce Thursday, I'd like to feature some excellent battles in miniature commemorating the important date and event. I'm a sucker for a good D-Day mega battle, so I was really pleased to see these two!

Miniature War Gaming's D-Day on D-Day

House of Hengist's Ambieve AAR

Part II: Novac

Fallout New Vegas is pretty awesome. You end up seetting up camp in a town called Novac (the town's name comes from a "No Vacancy" sign, where the "-ancy" removed). The principal attraction is a huge roadside monument of a T-Rex with a gift shop inside. With This is Not a Test gaining popularity, there is a guy in Australia who is working on a table featuring this small collection of buildings. I'm looking forward to seeing his progress and, with a little luck, going to see it myself at PAX Aus later this year. It's an awesome project! Now, I just need to get cracking on my own table!

Jayden Barr's Building NOVAC

That's all for this week! Thanks for stopping by.

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