02 June 2015

Tutorial Tuesday!

So, here we are! Tutorial Tuesday, the first article for our regular blog content. Tutorial Tuesdays are pretty self explanatory, as we post up some helpful tutorials from the wargaming community. These will range from painting guides, to terrain modelling, and other hobby-related guides such as running events, etc. These will all come from the community, so if you find something helpful that we should feature, please let us know and we'll post it up!

So... it's time to

Run Through the Jungle!

One of the most iconic things about tropical combat is the battlefield's vegetation. The common vision is one of dense palm trees with a double or triple canopy. While stereotypical, the truth is that it's not actually realistic for an entire battlefield. Jungles are thick and inaccessible for armies to operate, which is why terrain areas that lacked it were the actual battlefields, like the Mekong River or highlands in Vietnam, the beaches and mountain slopes of south Pacific atolls, or developed plantations or bases.

So building a tropical battlefield need not be covered with vegetation, but neither should it be devoid of it! When you are making your own terrain, vegetation can be a challenge. I've been making my own Vietnam/Jungle terrain, and so for today, here are a few tutorials that I found exceptionally helpful for my project.

Good luck and thanks for reading!

Bamboo groves:

15mm Palm Trees:

Scenery tutorial - Making heavy foliage

TerranScapes - Updated Jungle Terrain

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  1. The tutorials look handy. I'm looking forward to more links in the future.

    I've been enjoying the podcast. Got me interested in this is not a test and saga this time. I added your blog to my blog roll at Rustandthecity.blogspot.com.