09 June 2015

Tutorial Tuesday II: Wasteland

Since we here at BEL are all agog about World's End Publishing's This is Not A Test (TNT), I thought it would be appropriate to have a look at post-apocalyptic terrain.

Bizarrely, this is the first wargame that has me more excited about working on the terrain than on the figures. I suppose this has to do with the fact that its a completely new genre for my collection and whenever that happens, I'm first and foremost drawn to what terrain I can make. As an avid Fallout player, the opportunity (or temptation) to physically recreate some of that virtual world is too much to resist. So for this week, here's some cool tutorials about making semi-modern terrain. Enjoy!

Part 1: Rust in the City
Cameron is an excellent painter, modeler. He runs a great blog over at: http://rustandthecity.blogspot.com. He's got a lot of great tutorials with some pro tips for making terrain for your TNT battlefield.

Building Shipping Containters

Painting Shipping Containers

Airbrushing Graffiti

Painting Chipped Metal and Rust

Part 2: Props!
For me a large portion of making a post apocalyptic table is all of the props and ambient pieces, that add to the feel, but are usually ignored by modelers because they don't add anything tactical to the game. These include small rubbish piles, traffic signs, dilapidated picket fences, playgrounds, and things like that. Here's a few good tutorials that will add a new level of detail to your terrain project.

28mm Soda Cans

Making Tiny Trash Bags

Have some nominations for Tutorial Tuesday? Post them in the comments below and we'll collect them for next Tuesday!

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  1. Nice post Mike. I'm going to have to check out this game.