05 June 2015

Episode 9 - IT'S ALIVE!!!

That's right Jungen und Mädchen...we're back! Episode 9 is live over at wwpd.net right now! 

Or just click here! http://wwpd.libsyn.com/podcast/behind-enemy-lines-episode-9 

Here's what's happening:

An even more milleaneous episode as we cover a lot of interesting topics, mostly inspired by some amazing questions submitted by you, the listeners! Danger: contains discussion about adult onesies.


In Act I, n00b news and rumours are gathered and redistributed.


In Act II, the cast talk about our gaming goings-ons, discuss our AARs, and answer even more probing, but nevertheless excellent, questions from our listeners. 

In Act III, the guys cover what’s in their painting queues and answer an excellent question about how to infuse a narrative style into your wargames.

- Greg


  1. Hey guys thanks for mentioning my humble blog, Lair of the Uber Geek and Historicon games on the podcast. This year's civil war games are based on a British Intervention into the American Civil War.

    Really liked the discussion on working a narrative into a gaming session.


    1. Thanks for listening Miles! I always love reading about your next ACW project for Historicon. One day I'll make it there to actually play one!

      Regards, Mike