28 July 2015

Leaf it to the Pros

Autumn is one of those seasons that is sometimes forgotten by wargamers. Like with winter, it's a bit of a commitment in terms of having to go all in when chosen as a basing scheme for an army. But when done, it looks well and is distinct. Similarly, you don't see autumn tables much either. I find that surprising as it's such a stunning color contrast to winter and summer and would make for a brilliant contrast at a wargames event. Hopefully, we'll see some more tables come out of the wood work, as there are some good tutorials out there to help get you started!

Rust in the City
Autumn Deciduous Trees

Dagger and Brush
Making Trees (three excellent articles)

FC ModelTips
Autumn Leaves

Chest of Colors
How to make Autumn bases

Scary Biscuits Studios
Mike's Romanian 75mm Resita guns

Leave It!

Leafy Resita

How to Create an Autumn Base

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I love autumn bases too. A full autumn flames of war table could look stunning.

    I did some test bases for a fall forest bases for my Germans but ended up going with rural instead. If I ever paint Americans I am planning to do them. I'll post some pics of them on twitter when I get back from vacation.