30 July 2015

Some Awesome for Your Thursday

Welcome back for another Awesome Sauce Thursday! For those interested in historical games and located within travel distance, Historicon is probably on your calendar. It would be for me if I lived close enough! But alas, I live vicariously through the blog reports and AARs I can find online.

There is always one blog I always start with to read about this year's Historicon. Miles' Lair of the Uber Geek is loaded with articles about some of Historicon's most interesting events, scenarios, and meet ups, many of which he's actually helped bring into existence. It's something I look forward to every year, reading what Miles is cooking up (sometimes literally!), checking out his WIP updates, and all culminating in the event AAR itself. It's people like him and his comrades in arms that makes this hobby great. They go out of their way and humbly dedicate time, creativity, passion and resources to make fantastic events for players to enjoy. I firmly believe our hobby needs more people like that!

So here's his blog. Please take some time and read a his excellent articles, but don't blame me if afterward you go out and buy 100s of dollars on ACW troops and ironclads. I've got my own guilty stash to deal with!

Lair of the Uber Geek

Historicon 2015 - (What-if) British Intervention in the American Civil War scenario

Historicon 2015 - Ironclad game

Historicon 2015 - Closing Thoughts and Other Games

Historicon Day 2

Historicon Day 1

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