16 July 2015

Panzerschreck 2015!

Well, the dust has finally settled after an amazing weekend of wargaming fun and adventures! This week for Awesome Sauce Thursday, we'd like to highlight all of the New Zealander blogs that have featured this great event, with AARs, photo dumps and more!

Just a quick bit of background, Panzerschreck is the world's longest running Flames Of War tournament event, dating back to even before there was a printed rulebook. The format over the years has evolved and these days it's a doubles event, two companies per team sharing 2000 points between them, played on 8x4 tables. It certainly adds an interesting layer to the standard tournament format!

So without further ado, here's what those who went for the Flames Of War event had to say!

(If you or someone you know has been left off the list, drop us a link in the comments and we'll add them here!)

Dog of War
Panzerschreck AAR
Day One ...
Day Two ...

Scott's Wargaming
Getting back to enjoying a weekend of hobby fun.

John's Wargaming Stuff
Panzerschreck 2015 Report
Day One ...
Day Two ...

The Regiment
Its not the winning that matters...

Wargamer on Tour
On the Road to Panzerschreck 2015

Panzerschreck XIV - Fury Road


  1. Fantastic links to everyone who attended a great event. so shiny, so chrome.