09 July 2015

The Tao of Magnus

We're less than 24hrs away from our big trek down south for Panzerschreck this year. We're all busily painting and putting the last touches on our armies and getting our support gear together, like bags of cheetos, since all three of us (four if you include Damian) are the qualified "cheeto-eater" in each of our respective doubles teams. Anyway, while we get cracking on that, here's a quick Awesome Sauce Thursday update!

This week I want to introduce you to Magnus. I first met Magnus during my university days through our local wargames club, Da Momma's Boyz. I honestly thought his name was a piss-take because at the time he was playing Magnus the Traitor from Warmachine. I just thought no one was really named that in the Pacific Northwest, and perhaps he just really, really liked that warcaster. It's university and stranger things happen with names and personal reinvention. But no, I failed to consider the much more likely explanation that his name was actually Magnus, and he chose the warcaster accordingly!

Anyway, we were both highly motivated gamers and we got on famously, working up some huge club projects, like all five Normandy beaches, Pointe-du-hoc and three airborne tables for a huge Flames Of War mega battle. Magnus has always been one of those guys that's essential to a group due to his undying enthusiasm for wargaming. He's good people doing good stuff for the community.

When This is Not A Test was launched, I immediately thought of Magnus, because several years ago he was working up a Fallout-themed army using GW figures. If you follow the This Is Not A Test facebook page, you've probably seen some of his more recent work with his Dead Snakes gang.  So today, I'm going to showcase his blog, and I highly encourage you to follow him. He's a gamer of all sorts of systems, and he is probably one of the most creative people I know. Please check it out!

Magnus' Project Log