28 February 2015

Thank You!

Episode 1 of Behind Enemy Lines has now been downloaded or listened to, according to our reliable stats programmes, over 1,100 times! That is simply unbelievable! When we started out with the idea of doing a simple little wargaming news and info podcast, we didn't think that it would be this crazy right from the start!

To all our listeners, THANK YOU! And please stick with us! Episode 2 is right on the horizon and we've already got plans for Episode 3's content so we're definitely not going anywhere, anytime soon!

Please dont forget about our other Social Media channels. This is how you can get in touch with us and tell us what YOU want to hear about!

Twitter: @bel_podcast
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/340996936098135/

21 February 2015

Episode 1: Welcome to the suck!

Hey world Episode 1 of the Behind Enemy Lines podcast is up and running and available here behind-enemy-lines-episode-1 be sure and be the coolest kid on the block with New Zealand's number 2 wargaming news podcast. Listen as we introduce ourselves and talk about Wargaming, Games we want to play and subtly hint that we like free stuff.