21 October 2015

Tutorial Tuesday - STREAKER!!!!

Hey team, Greg here. It's been a while and even though (technically) it's Wednesday here, I thought I'd get a wee TT out for you guys to read and maybe draw some inspiration from.


I've recently painted a 28mm Panther for a painting competition (why the hell not) and wanted to try a few new things to give it a little bit of "pop". Something I've had in my painting arsenal for a while but haven't used is a couple the AK Interactive streaking grime products. I've seen these used to pretty amazing effect and decided I'd give them a go.

Having no experience in using this kind of product, I did what any self-deprecating wargamer does... I went to the internet for guidance. There is a mass of information and instruction out there on how to use these products and a couple that I found really useful are below for you.

AK Interactive

Of course, the good folk over at AK have a great range of videos showing just how easy it is to use their products...actually! I really like the choice of model on this one and it really show up the effects you can achieve in a very short time.

Miniature Wargamer Jay

Despite his choice of model in this video (joking...relax!), Jay uses some great, easy instruction on how to get both easy effects and also take them a little further. If you're interested, he also has a number of other videos on mini painting which would be really helpful for newer painters or even experienced ones who want a new technique.

While my efforts aren't quite up the the standards shown here, I'm still happy with my work.

There you go guys, happy streaking!