15 June 2019

D-Day 75th Anniversary Event

The 75th anniversary of the greatest landing the world had even seen is a pretty amazing event. We took the opportunity to run a Flames of War and Bolt Action tournament commemorating just the occasion with players drawing their forces from briefings based around Operation Overlord.

Hosted by the awesome team at Mighty Ape, it was 2 days of amazing gaming, regardless of scale.

Complete with 28mm Pegasus Bridge and Brecourt Manor scenarios as well.

Let's get a pictorial view of what happened across the weekend, way better than some grognard waffling on...

Armies on Parade for Flames of War:

And now back to the combined action!

A lucky shot from the Panther stops Mae in her tracks.

Don't askbecause I have no idea how the King Tiger got in there....

Day 1 was a traditional tournament with Lee and his Panzer Lehr coming out on top on the day followed by Kevin and his Panzers with Sofia and her Panzers taking third.

Day 2 Flames of War opted for a more subdued MEGA BATTLE!!!

A U-shaped table representing the approach to a French village on or around D+20 is needing to be cleared out and three objectives taken (including the pub).

This also involved a random events table with such goodies as Fuel Shortages, the USAF and Hitler's Wrath potentially throwing a spanner in the works.

Far more civilised than 1944...

The Americans would roll up one flank with the British on the other. Units destroyed would be worth a VP each, with SS units counting for double.

The Yanks started making their way across the river under heavy fire.

Despite a hard-fought campaign and heavy odds, the Allies were unable to break through at this point with the Germans winning a minor victory when the sun set on the French countryside.

Meanwhile, in bigger figure land...

Having taken Pegasus Bridge, not the Allies need to hold it...

A huge thanks to everyone who made the weekend a massive success and especially to Mighty Ape and Battlefront for helping us our with venues and tables on the day! You guys are awesome!

Market Garden in September anyone?