26 July 2018

Back to the Eastern Front

It was only a matter of time, we all knew it. We're going back to the Eastern Front next month with the releases of Iron Cross and Enemy at the Gates!

Over the next couple of days, we'll have an in depth look into each of the books and what kinds of forces you'll be able to build from each of the volumes.

Today though, we're going to have a look at all the cool kit that's coming along with the releases!

Starting off is the new 2 player starter set, Stalingrad! Now, let's be very clear here. This is by no means intended to be a "buy me and get 2 armies straight from the box" offering. You get a sampling of things from the books to try out at a reasonable price to see if you want to dip your toe in.

So in the box you get a couple of German tanks in the Panzer III and Panzer IV and some Soviet armour too, the KV-1, T-34 and Valentine. This also comes with a Flames of War mini rulebook, unit cards, terrain cards and dice.

If you want to dive straight in, there are also two new nation-specific starter boxes.

Nikolay's Steel Wall gives you some KV-1's, T-34's and some gun sprues allowing you to make either 57mm or 76mm guns. You also get unit cards, a rulebook and decals.

Dietrich's Ghosts will supply you with 3 Panzer III sprues  and 3 Panzer IV sprues which allow you to build the differing variants of each chassis as well as 4 10.5cm gun sprues. Rulebook, unit cards and decals are also in the box.

There will also be a massive release run for both books as well. Let's start with the Germans...

The new Panzer IV box comes with 5 tanks which you can build in the short 7.5cm or long 7.5cm gun depending on your needs.

Alongside these, there is also the new Panzer III box which again has 5 tanks inside with all the trimmings to build all sorts of Panzer III models!

PLASTIC 88's!!!

Also coming in plastic are:

- 3.7cm Tank-hunter platoon
- 5cm Tank-hunter platoon
- 7.5cm Tank-hunter platoon
- 10.5cm Artillery Battery
- 15cm Nebelwerfer Battery
- Grenadiers, Panzergrenadiers and Assault Pioneers
- sMG34 HMG
- 8cm Mortars

There will also be re-boxings for:

- Panzer II platoon
- Sd kFz 221 & 222 Scout platoon
- Sd kFz 231 Heavy Scout platoon
- StuG Assault Gun platoon
- Marder Tank-hunter platoon
- Sd kFz 10/4 Light AA platoon
- 7.5cm Infantry gun
- 15cm Infantry gun

On the Soviet side, we'll be seeing a heap of cool new toys as well.

KV-1 tanks are coming in plastic! The box will give you all the bits to make the KV-1, the KV-1s and the KV-8 as well! Nice!!

Plastic early T-34's are on the way as well. This will also allow you to build the OT-34 as well....flame on!

Plastic lend-lease tanks are also coming too with both the M3 Lee, M3 Stuart and Valentine tanks coming to bolster the Soviet arsenal.

And finally, FINALLY!! Plastic Katy's as well!

Other plastic releases here are going to include:

- Tank Killer company, allowing you to make the 57mm and 76mm variants
- 122mm Artillery battery
- 45mm Anti-tank company
- Rifle company, SMG company and Storm Group
- Maksim MG, PTRD AT Rifle, 82 or 122mm Mortar companies

And re-releases for the:

- T-60 Tank company
- BA-10 Armoured Car platoon
- DshK AA MG trucks
- Shturmovik

All in all, some really awesome releases there and with the majority being in plastic, the cost of getting a new army should really come down as well.

Coinciding with the army releases are a HEAP of new terrain as well, so you can really get your Stalingrad tables looking the business. We'll be seeing:

And, what I think is, the coolest new addition, the Stalingrad ruins sets:

These are going to look AMAZING on the new double-sided mat as well. One side is green grass while the other has a town road layout, perfect for urban battles...hint hint!

So there you have it guys. We'll take a look at the forces from each book in a coming article, but this should get you thinking about what could be going on.

19 July 2018


Things get pretty exciting around Behind Enemy Lines HQ in July and when things get that exciting, it usually means one of a couple of things:

1. A new shiny that we're particularly keen on is about to drop,
2. We got some free stuff in the mail, or

It's number 3 this time around and last weekend, we all piled in the Grumpfwagen and headed south to the dizzy heights of Palmerston North for Panzerschreck! The weather was looking good which meant we shouldnt have to detour through Stratford this year! You know how we roll here....it's photo time. I'll put some words in where I can...

It was going to be a foggy start though...

No snow down to ground level this year, so no snowball fights... :(

Obligatory tank shot...

And we made it....

We settled in with a few drinks and some Rick and Morty before turning in for the night. The gaming would begin in earnest soon enough...

This year's event was back to Late War, 900 points per team member so 1800 points in total. Some pretty interesting lists this year as well.

Damo and I paired up this year and took Kampfgruppe Hummel Tigers with some Nebs and a FW.

Dan partnered up with Bob who took pretty much an identical list...something we'd planned right from the start!

Keep Summer safe Gav...

Battlefront was also in the house!

Also great to see some Star Wars: Legion being played as well!


Some rounds finished quickly for some people...


Serious gamers...

Choo choo!!

Some people are just nuts...

Day 1 rounded out and we headed back to Casa de la Pearce for a catch-up, pizza and movies...as well as banter!


Day 2 typically starts out with the beauty parade so the judges can find a winner for the Best Painted award.

Dan's Tigers.

Bob's Tigers.

Brian's Best Painted winning Panzers.

And now back to the action...!

Tiger Rush!

You'd think someone opened a chip packet with this many seagulls...

And then it was time for prizes..

First Place: FerteeforTeeFerteefor

Second Place: Phila

Phil did have a partner who had to leave early.

Third Place: Trolley Man Dollies! Gav kept Summer safe!!

Best Sports: LOCO

And...the all important Spoon...

Yeah, we got it...and we lead the room in an impromptu Viking clap thanks to Damo!

Once again, we had a fantastic weekend! It's great catching up with good mates for some great gaming.

Massive thanks to the MDS for putting the event on again! We can't wait for next year!  TEAM YANKEE!!