15 September 2015

I got my eye on you...

Check out this cool tutorial on painting glowing eyes!

I briefly considered doing this to all of my Warhammer skeletons.


Bell of Lost Souls
TUTORIAL: Glowing Eyes

Glowing Eyes Tutorial...

10 September 2015

Mad Modelling to the Max

We at Behind Enemy Lines love our post apocalyptic wargaming, so when this was brought to our attention, we just had to share!

Full Spectrum Dominance
The Future Belongs To The Mad

08 September 2015

Some Face Time!

Painting faces are always tricky, but painting them at 15mm can be a real pain. Have a look at this cool tutorial on how to paint those tiny faces and hopefully you'll be armed with a few new tactics when it comes to putting faces on that faceless Soviet horde of troops!