26 October 2016

FlamesCon 2016 - A Photo Journey

We have just wrapped up what was the biggest singles tournament for Flames of War held in New Zealand this year. While not quite as large as CanCon or Historicon, we still managed to get a large number of players to the event.

5 games held over 2 days across New Zealand's Labour Weekend, this year saw 36 players bring 1625 points of Late War fun to the tables. We saw a great mix of forces from all across the nationality spectrum. This year, Dan and I took the reins for organising the event and with the help of some pretty awesome sponsors (namely Battlefront and Mighty Ape) amassed a huge range of prizes for people to vie for.

5 missions in total and we tried to go for a few that we havent seen in a while. The final selection was Free for All, Hold the Line and Breakthrough for Day 1 with Encounter and Counter-Attack for Day 2. And so, with mutterings of 6-1's, Banzai and all sorts of other national slogans, we launched into it!

But before that....we got some sneak peeks from Battlefront at some new toys on the horizon; most exciting of which were the new Mid-War plastics coming to a gaming table near you!

Bear in mind that these are rapid prototypes so the finishing touches havent been added yet. Also coming are some new goodies for you Team Yankee types...

And so, Late War gaming at it's (New Zealand) finest...

On the morning of Day 2, we ask the players to arrange their armies for parade and the vote for which they deemed to be best painted.

We had a great mix of infantry, tanks and mechanized forces, as you can see!

And a few more action shot, just because they look so good!

And now, to the winners....the crowd eagerly awaited the announcements...

And the prizes...

1st place: Kit Goldsbury

2nd place: Mike Haycock

3rd place....now there was a slight clerical error with this one. The prize was awarded on the day to Sofia Chambers, but the actual 3rd place getter was Rob Sadler...

Best painted: Russell Briant

We also awarded a prize to the person coming roughly middle of the table, Most Mediocre! This one went to Sophie Jenkins.

And finally, the crowning glory...THE WOODEN SPOON!!!! No photos here but congrats to Chris Townley! Battlefront REPRESENT!!!

All in all, it was a spectacular weekend of gaming and I'm sure everyone had a great time!

We must, once again, give massive, MASSIVE thanks to both Mighty Ape and Battlefront for their support of their event. Without sponsors, there is no way these get off the ground.

Roll on 2017!!

Full results are as follows, for those interested...

Kit Goldsbury1stUS Infantry28
Mike Haycock2ndGerman 27
Rob Sadler3rdPoles27
Sofia Chambers4thSoviet26
Andrew Duncan5thBritish26
Damian Caufield6thBritish23
Andrew Haught7thFinns23
Russell Briant 8th (Best Painted)Germans22
Lee Reygate9thGermans22
Steve Eyles10thGermans21
Steve London11thGermans21
Wayne Turner12thHungarians21
Tony Vodanovich13thBritish20
Ryan Jeffares14thUS20
Pat Gribble15thGermans19
Leigh Watson16thBritish19
Matt Martin17thGermans19
Gavin van Rossum18th (Best Sport)Germans19
Mark Scaletti19thUS18
Nick Booth20thGermans18
Ben Fouche21stGermans18
Sophie Jenkins 22nd (Most Mediocre)Soviet17
Andrew Agutters23rdGermans16
John Lee24thGermans16
Ryan Bailey25thPolish15
Craig Ross26thNew Zealanders15
Jon Carryer27thGerman15
David Greig28thJapanese15
Brent Young29thNew Zealanders14
Blair Ramsdale30thRomanians14
Ray O'Connor31stGermans14
Darren Morgan32ndGerman14
Greg Hagg33rdGermans13
Lyndon Mason34thUS Airborne12
Paul Western35thGerman11
Chris Townley36th (TEH SPOON)Soviets8