02 June 2018

Capital Shield - Blood Bowl!

Last weekend I made my first ever trip to the Capital Shield, a Blood Bowl tournament hosted in Wellington. Long time readers/listeners will know that Blood Bowl holds a special place in my heart and to this day is one of my favourite Games Workshop titles, one I've been playing on and off since about 1989 or 1990.

The tournament was a perpetual tournament with teams being made up of varying levels depending on which race you decided to go with. Given they're my only fully painted team, I decided to take my 1995 metal Chaos team...well, that and they're really good at killing stuff.


The tournament was played over 2 days, with 5 total games deciding who would walk away as the winner of the Capital Shield from the 30 players vying for the honour. A really good mix of teams too, with everything from Dwarfs and Elves to Goblins and Norse! Some beautifully painted teams as well.

I'll leave you with the photos I took of the event and I'll try and remember who done won what at the end.

Those are the action shots, now for some of the teams lined up for their beauty parade.

And now, to the winners and losers!

Winner: Harry with Skaven, the Cheese Burglars.
2nd: Murray with his High Elves, Purple Reign.
3rd: Quentin with his Khemri, the Sand Souls.

Sports was a 3-way with (I believe) Gil, Nick and Selby.
Best Painted was Haydn and his Lizardmen (see them above, bloody amazing!)
Best Stunty: Holger and his Halflings, Briliant Cook.
Not Last: Vinnie and his Goblins, Little, Mean and Green
Most Casualties: Me! The Bloody Noobs killed/injured 27 players over the weekend.

Massive thanks to Steve and the team from Wellytown for making this a bloody great event! I'd say I'll definitely be back!