27 January 2016

Welcome to the PTO, Soldier!

Welcome back to those returning and greetings to those joining us for the first time! This is the official blog for the Behind Enemy Lines Podcast. It’s a great honor that we are able to present the Battlefront Miniatures’ highly anticipated upcoming release: The Pacific!

We’re excited about this in so many ways that we’re pulling out all the stops. Our coverage will be found across all of the social media channels we can muster, including podcasts, blog articles, Twitter feeds, Facebook groups, and YouTube videos. We’d love for you to stop in and enjoy the content that we’ve got lined up, but we’d love it even more if you’d help us create and grow this brand new community of Pacific wargaming. 

FoW Pacific Facebook Group
Community means a lot to us at BEL and we’re committed to helping develop a fun and positive one around games of all shapes and sizes. So we’d be honored to have you stop by, interact with fellow gamers, and to help make that easy for everyone, we’ve lined up a brand new Facebook group for you all to join and take part in. We’ll be there along with other fantastic bloggers, such as the guys from Breakthrough Assault, and we all hope you will join us! We’re opening the doors today so we can all get settled and start talking about the Pacific straight away. It’s important to us that we’re not the only ones talking because we’re just a small part of the community. We’d love to see your PTO articles, links, photos, events, AARs, and more posted in the group for everyone to enjoy! So jump in today and get started!

Join the FoW Pacific Group:

What We’ve Got Lined Up
For our part, we’ve organised something like 7 podcast sessions, more than a dozen YouTube videos, and something like 40 blog articles about the Pacific Theatre in WWII, and that’s just the beginning! Stay tuned on our social media channels as we begin rolling out the content this next Sunday (NZ time)! 

Finally, if you’re posting your PTO shenanigans out there on the internet, let us and everyone know by using the hashtag #FoWPacific and tag us in! At the end of each week we hope to compile a Hashtag Round Up, by collecting all of the great posts and projects that people have been working on and sharing them with the community!

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Thank You!
Once again, a big thanks to the good folks at Battlefront Miniatures for providing us with the opportunity to share this release with the community!

Finally, a huge thank you to all of our listeners, readers, and watchers past, present, and future! We wouldn’t be here without your support! Keep being awesome.