24 June 2017

Friday Night Games

Friday nights are the perfect chance for the guys to get together and get some gaming in so we decided to just that last night! Initially, the Nooblair had been slated for the events, but unfortunately sick little person put the kibosh on that...so off to Dan's we went!

And with all the hype, why the hell wouldn't we play some 8th Ed 40k?!

You'll have to exclude the unpainted models, we are working our way through them, honest!

So we played a couple of games. In the first, Monkey and I played The Relic. About 1,000 points each side. 

My list was Primaris Space Marines:

HQ -  Captain in Gravis Armour
HQ - Primaris Lieutenant
HQ - Primaris Lieutenant
Troop - Intercessor Squad
Troop - Intercessor Squad
Troop - Intercessor Squad
Heavy - Hellblaster Squad
Heavy - Hellblaster Squad
Elite - Primaris Ancient

Monkey took his DKK:

Lord Commissar
Company Commander
Infantry Squad x 2
MT Scions x 2
Command Squad
Special Weapons Squad 
Master of Ordinance
Platoon Commander
Heavy Weapons Squad
Leman Russ w/ Vanquisher
Basilisk x 2

Lots of stuff on table for the Marines to shoot at!

This is how the game ended. The itty-bitty remote controlled Rhino is the Relic we were after and as my Ancient was the closest, I secured a minor victory.

Monkey and I are teaming up for GuardCon in September and these are the forces we'll have matched as a team! Should be a hoot!

Then Dan and I had a rematch with his Tyranids coming at me...

Having played this army before, I know what I need to do. Kill as much of it before it gets to me as possible! 

The Sons of Guilliman await the Xenos onslaught...

This one was a bloody affair.

At the end of the game, I had 2 marines left and Dan had 6 Genestealers, his Broodlord, 4 Hormogaunts and 3 Biovores left.

So there you have it, Friday night gaming....40k style.

I've had 6 games of the new edition now and GW definitely have a winner here...as long as they don't do something to seriously mess it up!

13 June 2017

Why Has 40k Drawn Us Back?

- with Greg

If you've been listening to Behind Enemy Lines for any length of time you'll know that we haven't been the biggest fans of Games Workshop and their recent works in the gaming area, with possibly the exception of the new release of Blood Bowl.

So why, all of a sudden, have we all gone bat-shit crazy for the new edition of 40k? It's the same company that makes it? Have they really done something completely different or is it something else entirely? Have Dan, Damo and I just gone nucking futs?

It would appear that this time, GW have actually done something really bloody awesome. They have built the hype around this new edition of 40k through a great use of their, previously defunct, social media channels and they've offered what would appear to be a significant amount of value in the new Dark Imperium starter box for a reasonable price!

And that takes all of us back to the heady days of 1993 when the 40k 2nd Edition boxed set came out....remember this bad boy?

And do you remember all the kit you got in the damned thing?!

Now, I remember getting this thing for either my birthday or Christmas in 1993 and thinking that there was just SO MUCH STUFF to play with! It was amazing!

And now, they've gone and done it again...

Essentially, what they've done is appealed to the 13 year old wargamer in me and said "remember that joy....its back!". The amount of toy soldiers in here is phenomenal considering the price you're paying for it.

We've ordered ours through Mighty Ape here in NZ for PP199.90 (Pacific Pesos)...UNDER 200.00!! Now, that may not seem like a lot of value but consider this. Were I to simply buy the rules on their own, I would pay PP99.99 from the same excellent retailer.

That means, for the measly sum of PP100.00, I am getting:

- 22 Primaris Space Marines of all shapes and sizes.
- 31 Death Guard minis, including a freaking Bloat Drone!
- Dice, ruler, decals and basic Codex/Index rules for the forces.

Holy shitballs Batman, that's like PP2.00 per mini with all the dice and stuff as added extras!!!


Never mind that the rules themselves hearken back to the good old days of 2nd Edition which was bloody amazing. Never mind the fact that GW seems to be taking its player base seriously again.

What they have done here is sheer marketing genius! They have the potential here to take a group of gamers with existing models who have been disenfranchised with the recent bullshit of the last few years and entice them back into the fold....

And worse....make them spend money with the company again! THE (PINK) HORROR!!!!

You evil bastards....

Well played.

11 June 2017

NICon 2017!

- with Greg

NICon (North Island Convention) has been a stalwart on the New Zealand gaming calendar for many years, typically hosting a wide array of events in different systems. I've never myself attended one....until this year!

I played in the last hurrah V3 Mid-War tournament. This was 2 single day events, with the Saturday being North Africa and Sunday being Eastern Front. 1450 points per day. I took a couple of borrowed armies (thanks Monkey) with the American Armoured Rifles getting a run on the Saturday (they went 0-3) and some German Grenadiers on the Sunday (they went 2-1).

All in all, this was a very well run weekend across all systems from what it seemed. As well as Flames of War there was:

- Warhammer 40k
- Age of Sigmar
- Warhammer 9th Age
- Malifaux, and
- FoG (N)

And now, to the photo dump....

Flames of War

Age of Sigmar

FoG (N)

Warhammer 40k, Ninth Age and Malifaux

A fantastic weekend of gaming, that's for sure! Thanks to all those who helped arrange games and the event! Top notch!