27 August 2015

Blog Spotlight!

Hey all,

Came across this site today and I gotta say it's pretty great! I like finding communities from around the world and this one is from Romania. They've got a lot of great articles covering several systems. They also offer some great tutorials as well, so head over and check out:

Wargames Romania

25 August 2015

Mighty Tutorials

Hey all!

Just a quick one today as time has not been kind to my schedule! Our good friend David over at Mighty Ape is a fantastic hobbyist. He loves to get into his games on all levels, from the workbench to the tabletop.

Dave runs the excellent hobby blog over on the Mighty Ape website and he's got some great tutorials, so go have a look and be sure to add it to your blog roll to keep up with his articles!

Mighty Ape
Hobbies Tutorials & Guides

18 August 2015

Wash, Inc.

So, this week I decided to work on my Flames of War Vietcong figures, and there's a lot of them to do! With about 100 figures basecoated all of the various colors, I applied a wash. Now, I've been on a bit of a painting hiatus for a while, which didn't help. I forgot probably everything I've ever learned about washes and just globbed the stuff on. I am now the proud owner of some terribly dark and essentially messed up Vietcong figures... Not all hope is lost as its really not that bad, but there is now a lot more work ahead of me!

So for this week, I'm sharing a few videos on using washes. These are great, especially Dr Faust's one below. I certainly (re)learned a thing or two about how washes work and what they do (and more importantly what they don't do!)

Paint Basics: How to Wash

Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic
The Basics: Inks & Washes

13 August 2015

Wargames Terrain on Social Media

Drop pod.... brilliant!
Hey all! Welcome back for another Awesome Sauce Thursday!

I'm really into building terrain. My only hobby regret is not having a workshop to build large projects.... one day.... For now I've got a quick post about terrain groups in social media. We touched on this briefly  in Episode 13 of the Behind Enemy Lies Podcast, but its something that I wanted to highlight here.

I want to put the spotlight on three groups, but there are so many more. These three are great sources of information, tutorials, and general inspiration, and what's more, they are community driven. This means that there are a lot of different things for a lot of different skill levels. I highly recommend joining them!

Also, our friends over at Garage Gamers have some excellent tutorials relating to last week's Tutorial Tuesday, so go have a look!

Flames Of War Terrain (but useful for all modern-ish 15mm scales)

Terrain Building

+Wargame +Terrain

11 August 2015

Burnout :(

We've all been there (or if not, will be there). It's a natural state for gamers to get so much of a good thing so as to eventually burn out. Call it over-indulgence, a bad encounter, or just straight-up boredom, lets have a look at Gamer Burn Out and how to deal with it!

Burn Out: Perspective from a Wargamer

Wargaming Tradecraft
Avoiding Burn Out and Hobbying Again

Breakthrough Assault

and a great article on burnout in real life:

Jeremy Hutchings
Burnout and How to Deal With It

06 August 2015


Arguably THE biggest weekend on the gaming calendar, with possibly Essen matching it, happens around the beginning of August in Indianapolis. It's GENCON and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger! We didn't manage to make it this year but plots are afoot to make 2016 a reality, so we've hunted down some wrap-ups and sneak peeks for you.

From what I've read online and seen on Twitter etc, gaming has a future and the future is MASSIVE!

The dudes over at BoLS plug the 6 biggest trends they see in gaming coming our of GenCon:


Board games are still huge and the demand for them is growing and growing. The guys at Polygon show their top 5 new picks from what they saw:


FFG keep going from strength to strength as well, even after 20 years!


In other GenCon news, apparently the guys that GW sent over to work their booth didn't have the right visas to get in and work....so were subsequently not granted entry to the USA....awkward much?

So....would you like to help us get to GenCon 2016? Watch this space!!


A run down of Able Kompanie's Flames of War events can be found here:


04 August 2015

Down to the Wire

This week we've got a quick post about making fences and barbed wire. Fences and wire make for some interesting additions to battlefields that will alter the dynamic of the game, especially if you're fighting on foot. So here's some ideas on how to make some fences to keep the riff-raff out!

18 Charlie
Concertina Wire and Fences Tutorials

Colgar6 and the Infinite Legion of Toy Soldiers
Security Fencing in 28mm

Head Spigot
Chain link fences tutorial

Shifting Lands
Barbed Wire

Garage Gamers
DIY Fortifications: Research!

15mm Barbed Wire and Minefields

Terrain for Dummies: Fences and Low Hedges

DIY Fortifications: The Buildening

03 August 2015

Recording an Episode

All sorts of shenanigans go on behind the scenes when we're recording an episode of Behind Enemy Lines. Not everything that we talk about makes it on to the episode and we also take a few photos along the way. Something we'll be doing more of is showing you inside the inner workings of what we do.

Here's a bit of a photo dump from the recording of episode 13.....and as you can see, we don't take ourselves too seriously at all!

I tweeted this photo to Subway and they actually replied! Maybe we'll get a sponsorship deal!

Damo stands disgusted in the corner.

Terrain can take many forms....

And sometimes.....we re-enact scenes from movies!

So there you have it...a glimpse behind the curtains at Behind Enemy Lines!