12 July 2016

Panzerschreck XV - Road Trip!!

- with the Team

It's July and that can mean only one thing.... ROAD TRIP!

This will be the 3rd instalment of the team's annual pilgrimage to the bustling metropolis that is Palmerston North to play in the oldest running Flames of War tournament in the world.

This year it's being mixed up a bit. While it's always a doubles tournament, this year we'll be playing Early War, which is quite a change. The rules are pretty simple. Each player has 1,000 points each to determine their force and they can lend a maximum of 100 points to their partner. No Blue/Red alliances are allowed unless specifically approved by the TO for historical reasons.

We typically mix pairs up over the years for variety, although some teams you just cant split! So what can you expect to see...

Damo and Dan: Team Koch Bloch. These two are finally teaming up this year. They're running DEATH FROM ABOVE with Fallschimjager in gliders and they're hoping to "Alpha Strike" with "Steel Rain".

Mike and Andrew: Da Momma's Boys are back at it again this year and repeat last year's glorious victory. When I asked Mike what he was running, he replied....Panzers...a man of mystery as always!

Greg and Ken: Clock's Tickin' and Time's Awastin'. The team name belies the speed at which we're intending on running our opponents over. Kradschutzen and Czech Panzers are seeking to get into the enemy lines as quick as possible and mess things up.

So there you have it guys. We'll likely be live tweeting the whole 6 hour road trip from Auckland to Palmy so if you're not following us on Twitter, you should be! We may even Periscope some of the travels.

As well as the gaming, we're also hoping to get a video interview with Evan Allen, master sculptor for Battlefront so if you have any burning questions for Evan, let us know.


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