13 November 2017

List Building from Stripes - UH-1 Huey Infantry Combat Team

Apart from the Marine list from Stripes, this is the list that really got my attention. While I know it's a Vietnam thing (and I can't wait to see the new 'Nam rules, by the way!), the thought of a flight of Huey's heading across the table with some Hendrix playing in the background is a damned awesome feeling moment. 

And given I already have a few Huey's lying around, this list is definitely within my reach, although with Battlefront bringing out new plastic Huey's.....

Looking at the list for the 82nd, we have some pretty nice options, in my opinion. I'd like to point out here, in case you didn't know, that I am not really a tournament player. I make lists for fun and to get toys on the table.

I have to take a UH-1 Huey Infantry Combat Team HQ for 1 point. No questions there, no major decision making needed here.

From here, I need to take at least 2 UH-1 Huey Rifle Platoons. My choice here is to have both of them armed in the same manner. I'm taking the full compliment of troops, so 7 SAW/LAW teams, a Dragon team and 3 Hueys. I'm adding 2 M-60 GPMG teams to each which means I need another Huey so in total, the platoons cost me 10 points each.

From there, I reckon some tank support is the way to go here. My option is the M551 Sheridan. Much like the Patton, I love the Sheridan and remember having a heap of 6mm ones as a kid that never got painted. I wish I knew where they were...

I'm taking my full allotment of tanks here, so 2 platoons of 5 Sheridans. While they're seriously paper-thin when going up against other tanks, they have some hitting power with either the 152mm or switching to the Shillelagh missile for some extra boom-boom. Just have to make sure they stay reasonably well hidden....get them before they get you!

Each platoon here is 10 points, so that's another 20 points spent of my 80.

That's tank support taken care of, now to fill out my core.

The more and more I look at the lists in Stripes, having both the HMMWV Scout Section and an HMMWV-TOW Squad is an automatic inclusion in almost everything. If you can get the Hummers in the right place, they're going to cause problems for enemy armour and transports, guaranteed. In the case of my 82nd list, I'm taking both which costs me 7 points. Done.

On to support options now, and I'm doing things slightly differently here. Ultimately, I need to protect my air assets because they're gonna drop the boys off close to objectives so they can get stuck in and get rid of defenders. For that reason, I'm doubling up on AA.

First off I'm taking a VADS platoon for 6 points. They act in a dual-purpose role for me here. If they're not shooting down enemy air, they provide some pretty good fire support for the infantry as well. Halted, you're taking 7 shots each with AT6 and this goes down to 4 on the move. With 4 tracks in the platoon, I'm still looking at 16 shots on the move. Pretty good value, I think.

After that, I am taking the much maligned and heavily discussed Sgt. York, for a similar reason to the VADS inclusion. They're multi-purpose weapons here and they have an even better AT than the VADS. 4 (of the 50 ever made) are in my list for 8 points.

Apparently, you can't take VADS and Sgt. York's so looks like I'll be taking Chaparrel's instead here. No major problem, same points and all that.

And lastly.... it's Cobra time.

If you don't like the Cobra, I think there may be something wrong with you.

I'm sinking 14 points into these BAMF's because they're a) cool as fuck and b) powerful.

They're Hunter Killer, meaning that they can pop in and our where you need them. They've got a massive array of weaponry at their disposal to take care of all comers.

These guys are here to ensure that my Huey's get through to their objectives and take the game. Backed up by my AA assets to keep them in the sky, I think the list has the potential to be a real winner.

And if not, it's still gonna look damned sexy on table!

Expanding the list is pretty easy I think. Adding another Huey platoon would take care of 10 points putting me to 86 and I can then add 4 more Cobras!

Oh the fun I'd have with that!!

So, what do you think of the list? Any changes you'd make?


  1. Interesting - and good luck with your list!

  2. They don't make you take Kiowas as scouts for your Cobras, like in real Army Airland doctrine? :\

    1. Not in this case, no. I'm not sure of the rationale behind that.

  3. I also make my lists for fun not tournament. I can’t wait to get these new units.

  4. If I decide to take the TY leap next year, THIS is the list I want to run