10 July 2019


It's July and that can mean only one thing...


That's right, but this time, no scummy minivan for us! We're travelling in style! We're going by train! What started out as a random idea at the end of last years event quickly morphed into a legitimate plan of attack.

And this year, we're taking reinforcements! There are a total of 8 or more of us from Auckland making the venture down to Palmerston North.

This year's event is Team Yankee doubles, 140 points per side.

Let's have a look at some of the forces people are taking.

Dan and I are running Marines. All the LAVs an all the Pattons...

Reid and Bob are taking East German scum. 

Damian and Daryl are also running Americans.

Damian's force is almost exclusively 3D printed...

Darren and Gav are running dirty Dutch.

While Ryan and Andrew are going to run some West German cheese.

Note, this is their WHOLE 140 point force...

Keep an eye on the Behind Enemy Lines Facebook and possibly YouTube for updates!

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