22 July 2019

Panzerschreck 2019 - Planes, Trains and Automobiles

July has again rolled around, time to make our pilgrimage and pay our respects to the Flames of War tournament primogenitor.... PANZERSCHRECK!!! Except this year, everything was going to be different...

This year's event wouldnt be a Flames of War event. It was all about Team Yankee. 140 points per team with no formation limitations. This should be fun!

And as we're a civilised bunch, what better way to get there than by rail....

What a view we had as well!

And by 0930, all hope was abandoned as the lads made their presence known to the bar car.

And being the nerds we are, quite a number of Magic games were played on our 9 hour journey....

But, oh the scenery....

And once we'd arrived at Chateau Pearce, it was time to settle in and relax for the evening.

No known photos exist of that night...it's like it NEVER HAPPENED....

We had a day up our sleeves given we'd made the trip down on Thursday rather than Friday, so what else could we do except actually teach a couple of people how to play Team Yankee before we played a bloody tournament!


There was just too much excitement for some though...

Look! Chieftains...

And so, with the teaching done and a good night's sleep under our belts...we prepared to face the tournament head on.

After breakfast...

And now...the photo dump from the event. In total, 19 teams took part and by all accounts, everyone had an amazing time. The tables presented by the MDS were amazing and we also had a special table with scenery provided by our mates at Kreative Scenery.

The Kreative Scenery table...

There was also a Star Wars Legion event being run alongside the Team Yankee one. Some great tables for this also.

And then...we were underway.

And then the burglar alarm went off...

Legion was looking awesome!

It's Huey time!!! <Cue Wagner....>

Either Deep in Thought or In Deep Shit....

Patton's in the orchard!

And a LAV conga line!

The Huey's capture the EM-50...purely thematic of course.

HIND FIGHT!!!! Video coming soon!

And with that, Day 1 drew to a close. We were exhausted after 3 intense games, so buggered off for pizza and beers...

And then, Day 2 dawned. Better start with brekkie....

Day 2 started with the Armies on Parade for Best Painted judging. I tried to get as many pics as I could and will try and get the names of the people who fielded them right. If I don't know who's army it was, I apologise and let me know.

My Marines.

Dan's Marines

Phil's Brits

Luke's Israelis (yes, it's all Merkava 2's!!!)

Alex and Tom's combined US Force.

Sofia and Jon's French and West Germans.


Phil Petry's Yanks

More West Germans.

Also unknown to me.

Bede's Americans

Russell's Brits.

Adam's Americans

Wayne's West Germans

Victor's Israelis

Desert THUNDER!!

Six...six six!! The Number of the Beast! Simon and Chris' Brits.

Bob's Soviets. His objectives are based on actual Berlin Wall artwork and looked amazing!

Reid's Easties.

Daryl's 101st.

I thought I'd managed to get a pic of Andre's Best Painted winning Israelis as well, but alas no.

And then we got back into the games....

Charlie don't surf....

Time for a landing...

There was also some 6mm WWIII action.

So tiny....

Apparently a game of Napoleonics as well.... 😆

Creeper Morty...

And then...it was time to award medals!!

Reid and Bob won the Lemon award for their logistical prowess...

Simon and Chris walked away with the coveted Spoon!!

Andre took out Best Painted for his Israelis.

Chris and Casey nabbed Best Sports

In first place, in an amazing reversal of fortunes from last year, Damo and Shep!

Second went to Bede and Russell.

And now, fuck knows how this happened, but we're taking it! Dan and I walked off with 3rd place!

We didn't even have to build a bloody wall!

And so, another Panzershreck draws to a close. We took a more subdued route home, a short 40 minute flight back allowing us to complete the triumvirate...Planes, Trains and Automobiles...John Candy would be proud.

Massive aroha to Moses Pearce for letting us and his parents crash at his bachelor pad for the weekend. You rock brother! Also a huge thanks to his parents, Bob and Sarah for putting up with our shit...we know you love us...well, most of us...

Until next year!!